First Run

The trial version can be used after you have submitted your request for an API key and received the API key.


  • Request is a POST request to
  • Smart Scanner authenticates your request.
  • Smart Scanner request body looks like this.
  • Smart Scanner generates response body looking like this.


The Smart Scanner API consists of a single endpoint that supports one HTTP request method:



The POST request must authenticate by passing your API key as a query parameter:


JSON request format

The body of your POST request should contain a JSON with two items.


Content field in your request is a base64-encoded string of a JPEG or PDF file, and the docType field in your request is either "RECEIPT" or "INVOICE", depending of what kind of financial document is being processed. See required quality of the image for more details.

JSON response format

Here you can see a sample receipt, and the data extracted by Smart Scanner:

Sample Finnish Receipt

If the request is successful, the server returns a 200 OK HTTP status code and the response body in JSON format.

"date": "2018-02-13T00:00:00.000Z",
"ytunnus": "2614358-7",
"paymentInfo": {
"amount": 48.9
"vats": [
"percent": 14,
"amount": 6.01
"items": [
"title": "keitto lounas",
"price": 27.6
"title": "päivän lounas",
"price": 13.8
"title": "lounaskahvi",
"price": 7.5