Smart Scanner Output

Smart Scanner API has a JSON output which can be retrieved to see the information extracted from your document.

The current version of Smart Scanner is capable of scanning two types of documents, receipts and invoices. The output may vary depending on the docType field.

If docType field is set to RECEIPT then output can include these items:

date (string)
The receipt’s date.
time (string)
The receipt's time.
businessId (string)
The business ID.
The receipt’s payment information.
paymentInfo.amount (number)
vats (list)
The receipt’s VATs.
vat.percent (number)
vat.amount (number)
items (list)
The receipt’s items.
item.title (string)
item.price (number)

And if docType field is set to INVOICE then output can include these items:

The Invoice payment information. (string)
paymentInfo.amountWithoutTax (number)
paymentInfo.amount (number)
paymentInfo.dueDate (string)
paymentInfo.iban (string)
paymentInfo.reference (string)
paymentInfo.currency (string)
paymentInfo.vat (number)
paymentInfo.supplier (string)
paymentInfo.subscriberName (string)
paymentInfo.subscriberId (string)
paymentInfo.wbsCode (string)